MadFish Wines X Girls School Cinema

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The Uggs have come out from the back of the wardrobe, the flannel sheets are on your bed, you’ve switched you’re a/C from cool to heat and your washing takes FOREVER to dry inside! Winter has definitely arrived but there’s still fun to be had.

And what could be better on a cold winter’s night than a glass of wine and a good movie? Throw in a unique venue, some cult classic films, mulled wine and fire pits for toasting marshmallows, and you have yourself a perfect winter night out.

The Girls School cinema in East Perth launched in June to multiple sold out shows and tickets for the rest of the first programme are selling like hot toasted sandwiches on a cold day!

Brought to you by our clever friends behind Fringe and Rooftop Movies, MadFish Wines are thrilled to be the wine of choice available at the venue throughout the season.

Below is a list of our movie recommendations and the wines we will be enjoying with them!

Oceans 8

The film takes place at the Met Gala in New York which, in real life, is a pretty fancy affair with rich and famous guests. Fancy always deserves bubbles so grab your friends and a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate female comradery as the crew attempt an impossible heist.  MadFish Prosecco is the newest member of the MadFish family, it is a little bit quirky and loves a celebration but is very easy to drink. Crisp, tart and a little bit sweet, MadFish Prosecco would pair nicely with a warm, rich soup and crusty bread from Suppa. Or for an extra sweet hit try it with a bag of Skittles…you will not be disappointed!

Deadpool 2

It’s got an IMDB score of 8.1 and critics have said ‘while thin on plot, it is entertaining and often laugh-out-loud funny.’ In our eyes that makes for a great date night movie! It’s easy watching with plenty of action but enough humour to keep both parties interested. Wine to drink while watching this film? For a light-hearted film we’d go for the fresh and light MadFish Rose. No longer confined to summer months, Rose wine is one of the fastest growing wine varieties in the country, popular with all sorts. Pair it with a Malted Milk Cornflake Cookie Choc Top from Chi Cho Gelato for the ultimate cinema indulgence.


The surfs up in WA! Directed and starring Simon Baker, this film is based on Tim Winton’s novel of the same name. Filmed in Denmark and described as a wonderful West Australian coming of age film, it follows the lives of two teenage boys who form a friendship with a former professional surfer. This will definitely have you day dreaming of warm summer days so we’d go for the classic and oh so popular MadFish Sauvignon Blanc Semillon. Drink with roasted and salted nut mix or buttery popcorn. For those with a sweet tooth, maintain the nostalgia vibes with a toasted marshmallow freshly melted at the on-site fire-pits.   


Prepare to be scared. Toni Collete stars in this unsettling Friday the 13th special horror event. Bring a cushion because you might need to hide behind it on a couple of occasions. We’d be reaching for a MadFish Shiraz or a warm Mulled wine for this film - because when all the blood has been frightened out of you, you’ll need a full bodied red to get the colour back in your cheeks! It also works well with an indulgent helping of dark chocolate or a cheesy toasted sandwich from Toastface Grillah!

Incredibles 2

Young, old or aged in-between - The Incredibles are a family favourite. In this second instalment Mr Incredible is left to care for the kids while Helen (Elastagirl) is busy saving the world. This is an easy-going movie that is fun for everyone. If your bringing along the kids, let them enjoy the snack bar and you can sit back with a smooth and mellow Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot. It’s complementary with pretty much any chocolate goody you will find at the snack bar so you can steal a handful from the little ones (if they’ll let you!)

For more information or to see the programme in full click here.