Legend and Label

The ancient landscape & raw, wild coastline of South West WA has been the inspiration for MadFish wines. We chase the best possible locations for our vineyards in WA’s premier grape growing regions – Margaret River & the Great Southern. Both areas are known for their prehistoric soils, battered ocean cliffs, foaming surf & calm turquoise beaches.

The original label, as seen below, was also inspired by the region when Maxine Fumagali, a talented local Noongar artist and poet, held an art exhibition featuring her artwork of the long neck water turtle. This was the beginning of the new MadFish Bay label. The traditional aboriginal water turtle design is a symbol of perseverance and tolerance – characteristics similar to the poor fish in MadFish Bay who are constantly under attack by predators.

The MadFish labels have playfully evolved over time with the latest iteration launched in 2016. Although the packaging has changed ever so slightly, the wine inside the bottle still retains its consistency, style and quality it is well known for.

We have had fun with this label producing the full varietal range of wines and also linking the Western Australian coastal lifestyle to the brand, producing surfboards, bikinis, beach towels and participating in local surf and community events.